The Services Society (SS) is a non-profit professional organization that has been created to promote worldwide research and technical collaboration on Services Computing (SC) among academia and industrial professionals. Its members are volunteers from industry and academia with common interests. SS is registered in the USA as a "501(c) (3)organization", which means that it is an American tax-exempt nonprofit organization."

The SS collaborates with other professional organizations such as the IEEE to sponsor conferences and to promote an effective services curriculum in colleges and universities. The SS initiates and promotes a "Services University" program worldwide to bridge the gap between industrial needs and university instruction. The Services Society offers services computing based educational training and certificates. The Services University (SU) program was launched at the 2007 IEEE Congress on Services (SERVICES 2007) in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The SU program comprises three major activities: Services Computing Schools, certificate development, and education methodology summit. In 2008, we organized the Summer School on Services Computing in July in Hawaii and the Fall School on Services Computing in September in Beijing. In July 2009, we organized the Summer School on Services Computing in Los Angeles, USA. In Sept. 2009, the Fall School on Cloud Computing was conducted in Bangalore, India.

The Services Society has been sponsoring various international conferences such as the International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), International Conference on Services Computing (SCC), World Congress on Services (SERVICES), International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD), International Conference on Mobile Services (MS), and International Congress on Big Data (BigData Congress) as well as international journals such as International Journal of Big Data (IJBD,, International Journal of Cloud Computing (IJCC,, and International Journal of Services Computing (IJSC,

It also offers volunteer services to support conferences and builds professional communities like special interest groups, local chapters, Young Scientist Forum (YSF). The YSFs have been proactive in helping organizing satellite sessions for BigData Congress and other professional activities.

In 2013, the YouthLancer Foundation was founded to revise papers for professors or researchers whose native language is not English. As an organization composed entirely of volunteers, there is no charge for correcting papers.

The Services Society opens to everyone, 7/24!

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